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HARLESIEL Airfield, (German: Flugplatz Harle) (ICAO: EDXP) is a small airfield in Wangerland in the district of Friesland in Lower Saxony, Germany, about 700 meters from Harlesiel. However, the airfield has an address of the city of Wittmund, as its only access from Harlesiel is possible.

The airport is mainly operated by FLN Frisia Luftverkehr Norddeich Gmbh. FLN FRISIA-Luftverkehr, usually shortened to FLN, is a small airline based in Norden, Lower Saxony. FLN was founded on 14 June 1969. As of November 2020, FLN operates scheduled flights between Norddeich and Juist, Harle and Wangerooge as well as on-demand charter flights to other East Frisian Islands. The FLN Frisia Luftverkehr fleet consists of 9 Britten Norman Islanders.

HARLSIEL Airfield is a superb place to start your journey to fly over the Frisian Islands.

Guten Flug!


CAUTION : The BN Islander aircraft and FLN livery are not included.