DATG In Guezzam Airport



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In Guezzam Airport (DATG) is a regional civilian and military airport in southern Algeria, on the border with Niger. It is serviced by regular ATR 72-600 flights from Aguenar Airport (DAAT), in Tamanrasset. Pilots flying over the region can admire exotic desert landcapes featuring mountains, dunes and vast expanses of red sand.

This Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 rendition strives to reproduce the airport as faithfully as possible as it appears in the few available photos and in satellite imagery. It features a bespoke terminal and control tower undergoing almost completed renovations, with some fresh paint still to be applied. Adjacent to the airport is a small but growing Algerian military base, featuring bespoke Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters with Algerian Air Force livery on the tarmac. Sand is encroaching on almost every surface in this very remote location...

The airport itself features ground services for medium aircraft and a VOR approach. Pilots will need to land here manually.


  • 4K PBR textures in multiple layers
  • A sandy under construction look and feel, as shown on the recent photographs
  • Reconstruction of the adjacent military camp with accurate Algerian Air Force Mi-24 helicopters
  • VOR manual approach
  • Detailed sandy sidewalks, runways, aprons, and lots of objects to provide ambiance
  • Realistic night lighting
  • Very FPS-friendly