85U Soldier Bar Airstrip



4.2/5 (19)

85U Soldiers Bar is a USFS airstrip located on the south side of the Big Creek Canyon, 500 feet above Big Creek. Although it's considered to be a recreational airstrip, the challenges it presents are only for the most seasoned pilots. There are many things to consider on approach, 4 degree upslope, multiple bumps which will get you airborne again, dogleg in the runway, and only landable on runway 25. The list goes on!

Soldiers Bar is also known for its heliops, camping, and fishing. Quite often you will see backcountry pilots camped out here for the night. Your experience can be further enhanced with //42 Campout Utility. 85U is a great place to get out of your aircraft and walk around observing the native flora.

There is no better location to practice your backcountry flying. Many companies out of McCall fly out here during the summer months doing tours and hunting trips, then head out to other airstrips like Big Creek, Johnson Creek, Thomas Creek, and many more.