42SS Sunset Strip



5/5 (10)

Your purchase includes a strip located near Finley Lake, California - 42SS Sunset Strip

Scenes have a small footprint vs. complete sceneries that cover a larger area. They are also perfect places to play with //42 Campout as they were designed with plenty of plane camping space. Expect challenging strips with immaculate vibes; whether it feels remote or cozy will depend on each scene.

After a day of flying, Sunset Strip is the perfect spot to unwind. Surrounded by scenic valleys and just a short 5nm flight from 42HV High Voltage, it's a sanctuary for STOL aircraft and helicopter enthusiasts.

Pilots who enjoy precision flying will find a challenge here, with landings and departures possible in only one direction. And when the sun sets over the surrounding valleys during your approach, it's a perfect backdrop.

There are no services, restrooms, or electricity. At Sunset Strip, it's all about reconnecting with nature. Enjoy the tranquility of Finley Lake, spot bald eagles or hop in a Juice Goose and explore the nearby Red Bluff Trails to grab a meal at the nearby Hungry Bear food truck.

This strip is a fantastic place to fly in from other //42 properties, such as Bluffers Hill, Sharktooth Ridge, Hogsback Ranch, or Mr. Goodbar.

  • Runways: 1x 492ft dirt strip, no maintenance
  • Helipads: 2x dirt pads, no maintenance
  • Approach Considerations: Short runway, sloped downhill at far end.
  • Approach Cautions: Federally protected Bald Eagle(s) soaring cliffs, shared runway with ATV/UTV riders, fence a few ft from - runway edge.
  • Notices: STOL aircraft only, Helicopters OK
  • Lighting: N/A
  • Windsock: Temporary
  • Parking: Very Limited
  • Amenities: ATV/UTV trail, dedicated camping area, fishing, dark nights.
  • Trails: UTV trail loops around the area, starting behind the barn. Ideal for the //42 Juice Goose
  • Services: no restrooms, no drinking water, no weather info, no lights, no fuel. Cell service limited. Restrooms are available - nearby at the construction site.
  • Objects on or near the runway contain collision boxes.
  • The treeline at the end of the runway contains collision boxes.
  • Challenging approach onto a short and narrow strip.
  • Custom terraforming to better resemble the region as it is IRL.
  • Custom 3D library of on-ground assets.
  • Micro-scenes at two nearby lakes.
  • Working farm with windmill
  • Two dirt roads were cleared for Juice Goose driving.
  • Perched and soaring Bald Eagles with sound.
  • Jumping Frogs in the main lake scene
  • ATV doing donuts visible during daylight
  • Music lovers scene with a radio station and a dancing guy
  • Perfect stop on Northern California Backcountry bush trip adventures.
  • A scenic area surrounded by valleys, perfect for exploration.
  • Includes Bonus Food Truck and strip in the vicinity. No ICAO, find the map at camp! The food truck closes at Dusk.
  • Can you find the bear?