EGGD Bristol International Airport

Pilot Plus


4.5/5 (72)

Bristol International Airport is one of the largest airports to serve the south-west of the UK hosting the likes of easyJet, TUI, Ryanair and Jet2. The airport is built on a former RAF base and has continuously expanded over the last decades; increasing capacity to meet the growing passenger demand. With a fun approach, an elevation of 622ft and an iconic sloped runway the airport is known as "Foggy Bottom" among the pilot community.

The Pilot Plus rendition of Bristol Airport is the most accurate available for flight simulation. No detail has been missed. The extreme visual fidelity of this airport boasts realism and authenticity, immersing you within the atmosphere that has been captured of the real airport. The airport and close surrounding area includes high resolution terrain of 1 metre accuracy, capturing the iconic runway slope and every small bump for a life-like experience.

Beyond the weather influenced glass of the terminal you will discover a full interior, beautiful by day and by night. Bristol Airport is truly next generation.

  • An ultra-realistic rendition of Bristol Airport
  • Precise terrain of 1 metre accuracy, inclusive of runway slope
  • Full high-resolution PBR implementation, from buildings to airside clutter and ground
  • Dynamic rain on terminal and tower glass
  • Full exterior and interior of terminal and control tower
  • Realistic and accurate night lighting throughout
  • Latest high resolution ground imagery and airport layout