CYOO Oshawa Executive Airport

Roman Design


4.6/5 (16)

CYOO Oshawa Executive Airport is a municipal airport in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. It is the busiest general aviation airport without scheduled airline service in the Greater Toronto Area by aircraft movements and one of the busiest general aviation only airports in Canada. It's a home field for two aviation schools, an Authorized TBM Service Centre, R.C.A.F. 420 Wing and other aviation businesses and organizations.

Roman Design CYOO scenery features 4 open hangars with interior modeling and parking spots, so you can start and end your flight in a large FBO hangar or a small private one. Both runways are sloped true to life and have custom pavement and hand-painted Canadian striped markings. All models are meticulously hand-crafted based on an extensive scouting and flying in the area, producing photos and videos of all approaches and ground facilities. Custom PBR materials and detailed modeling are used throughout the area. Several static aircraft are included, and plenty of real-life and dynamically populated parking sports are there for you.