BITN Thorshofn Airport



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Thorshofn (Þórshöfn) Airport (IATA: THO, ICAO: BITN) is an airport located in Þórshöfn, a village in northeast Iceland.

The airport has a very small terminal building of around 12×9 meters (39×29 ft). Domestic airports don't need security checks in Iceland, and the 19-seat Twin Otter aircraft used don't need large terminals. The airport has one asphalt runway 19/01 with 1200 meters length and 45 meters wide.

Originally created for MSFS 2020. Not a conversion. Follow all MSFS high standards. Features:

Wonderful Representation of Thorshofn Airport 2021 Layout Data with newly renamed runway to 19/01 Custom Materials and Surfaces with Physical-Based Rendering Effect (PBR) Highly Detailed Buildings and Ground Surfaces Detailed Building Interior 6000 Sq Meters Hand-Crafted Phototerrain Attention to Details