9NM9 Spaceport America

UK2000 Scenery


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Requires 'UK2000 Scenery Common Library' Available from Marketplace (FREE)

Spaceport America (9NM9) is located in New Mexico, USA and was formerly known as 'Southwest Regional Spaceport'. This airfield is designed specifically for both vertical and horizontal launch space vehicles and was opened in 2011. The entire facility has been deemed fully open in 2019. It's currently home to several companies including Virgin Galactic and SpinLaunch. Visitors can book tours of the facility via there website. The unique main building and hanger is a unique ,striking and dramatic landmark in the New Mexico desert which makes a great destination for flight simmer to visit.

Our scenery is made with HD photographic images that uses PBR materials. With high detail models researched and based on the real airport, including both large and small details to enhance your flight SIM experience. The scenery is based on the airport as it was in 2022.

Please note you must install the 'UK2000 Scenery Common Library' (Free from Marketplace or our UK2000 Scenery website)