Cockpit Flashlight: Cyan



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Introducing the Cockpit Flashlight The Cockpit Flashlight is an exclusive add-on for Flight Simulator that allows you to customize the battery button lighting in your aircraft's cockpit. With a diverse selection of colors, including red, yellow, green, cyan, orange, purple, and more, you can choose the hue that best suits your style.

The Cockpit Flashlight is more than just a way to change the color of your battery button lighting. It's also a way to personalize and enhance the ambiance of your aircraft's cabin. With so many colors to choose from, you can create a truly unique and immersive flying experience.

This package contains the color: CYAN

Purchase options The Cockpit Flashlight is available in two purchase options:

Individual colors: You can purchase each color individually for $4.99. Bundle: You can purchase the bundle, which includes 9 color options, for $5.49.

To install Search for the product name in your content manager and download it. If you wish to revert to the default color, simply delete the package. In case you have multiple custom colors installed, just uninstall all others and keep the desired color installed.

DISCLAIMER None of the aircraft in the screenshots are affiliated with this add-on, are not included, and are for demonstration purposes only.