Enhanced Taxiway Signs



4.6/5 (41)

Enhanced Taxiway Sign makes airport navigation much better all around the world, including many payware airports from other developers, adding a new level of realism to taxiway signs with new 3D models and textures. The signs are now easier to read, even from a distance, addressing a previous issue. They use real-world ICAO fonts and sizes for maximum realism. On the optimization side, this add-on is entirely performance-friendly, with zero impact on your frame rates!

This product replaces the default taxi signs for all airports worldwide, including third-party developer airports that use the default taxi sign system.

Key Features:

  • Introducing a stunning new model, truly and completely new!
  • Enhanced performance with modular components and improved Levels of Detail (LODs).
  • Optimized for better readability, even from a distance.
  • Realistic textures and colors that elevate the authenticity.
  • Accurate and precise ICAO font rendering.
  • Breathtaking emissive colors and dynamic lighting effects.

Make your taxiways come alive with Taxi Sign Pro and experience a new level of immersion in Microsoft Flight Simulator.