Fall N. & Spring S. Season

Bijan Habashi


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Seasons: Fall in northern hemisphere. Spring in southern hemisphere. Summer in Tropicals.

Over 40 sets of fall colors in different cities and countries.

Ecosystem for most of the world have been changed. Meaning now you can see more variety of trees. You will now find various sizes and colors of palm trees in tropical areas. Trees has been added to many areas based on native trees. Many conifer trees that was placed in wrong areas has been removed and replaced with deciduous trees. Many of the very tall trees has been replaced with shorter ones.

Tropical areas will stay green all year long.

How it works: IMPORTANT: Only one season must be activated at a time. If you bought one season (for example Spring N./Fall S.) it means it's Spring in the northern hemisphere and Fall in the southern hemisphere and tropical in the equator. The same rule applies for other seasons.

Changing seasons in the weather panel in the sim has no effect on what you have installed. You cannot change that in weather panel settings It is not synchronized with the date on your computer or the sim but with what season you have installed. If you bought two seasons or more, make sure you only activate ONE season. Go to the sim's content manager and delete/uninstall the one you don't want to use; you can always download it again. If you bought one season, go to the sim's content manager and install it.. No need to move any folder or files. Make sure you delete your rolling cache restart after installing. Again, if you don't see any changes: Install the season, clear your rolling cache, and you MUST restart the sim after installing.

Support: email: bijanstudiola@gmail.com Discord: https://discord.com/channels/889527263366877185/889527266537791511 or https://discord.gg/2wxSahdGFU

Thank you for your purchase. Bijan