El Nido, Philippines

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El Nido, Philippines

El Nido is a municipality on the northernmost tip of the province of Palawan, characterized by awe-inspiring natural beauty, from dazzling lagoons, white sand beaches, rocky islets, and towering limestone cliffs to glasslike waters teeming with abundant marine life El Nido encompasses dozens of islands peppered across the Bacuit Archipelago, each with its own unique geological wonders but the same natural majesty. Its surrounding waters are a stunning mix of blue-green colors, its palm-fringed beach pockets have powdery sands, and its marine-protected areas offer some of the best diving experiences in the entire Philippines.

Features: 1 This scenery covers a vast area with many Islands to explore with each having a unique characteristics. 2 Custom 3D models with PBR textures. 3 Moving boats and marine life. 4 Lots of helipads with some challenging locations. 5 Secret locations for you to explore and discover.

Note: Flight can be started at RPEN, RP70, RP71, Rp72 and any parkings and helipads scattered all over the scenery. Please check in game map for POI markers as reference before starting a flight.