Addis Ababa Night Enhanced



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Addis Ababa is the capital and largest city in Ethiopia, surrounded by mountains covered with eucalyptus forests. Nearby, one of the tributaries of the Blue Nile is born. Its inland situation forced it to look for an outlet to the sea.

The city is served by Bole International Airport, where a new terminal was opened in 2003. The old Lideta Airport, in the west of the "Old Airport" district, is mainly used by small planes and military helicopters. Addis Ababa also has a rail connection with the city of Djibouti, with a picturesque French railway station style.

The lights have been added for greater realism in the simulator. They are visible at great distances and across a huge area of the city. Not only the buildings, but also the highways and intersections of highways were fully illuminated. Your flight will be totally different with this product.