Calgary Night Enhanced



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Calgary is the largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is located at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers in the south of the province, in an area of ​​mountain ranges and prairies, about 80 km east of the Canadian Mountains. The city is part of the southern end of what Statistics Canada calls the "Calgary–Edmonton Corridor".

Calgary's economy includes activity in the energy, financial services, film and television, transportation and logistics, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, health and wellness, retail and tourism sectors. Metro Calgary is home to the second largest number of corporate offices in the country among Canada's 800 largest corporations.

The lights have been added for greater realism in the simulator. They are visible at great distances and through a huge area of ​​the city. Not only the buildings, but the highways and intersections of highways are also fully illuminated. Your flight will be totally different with this product.