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THIS PACKAGE IS REQUIRED FOR THE FOLLOWING ESD ADDONS ON MARKETPLACE: ❖ RNCS Chunilna Cabin Strip ❖ 8AK5 Fort Crosby ❖ RN25 Twentyfive Mile / RNLL Limber Lake Airstrip

WHAT IS EMERALD OBJECT LIBRARY? Emerald Object Library is a collection of static and dynamic models, materials, and VFX produced by Emerald Scenery Design. It allows us to push fixes for common assets across multiple products at once, as well as keep the required space of our addons to a minimum by eliminating duplicates in each project. This library is a dependency of all Emerald Scenery Design addons and must be installed for them to function correctly!

As of June 10, 2021, this library may be used by other developers in their freeware addons! Developers, please read and follow the terms of use.

HAVING ISSUES? Please reach out to us before leaving a rating! Low ratings do not help us in any way to figure out and correct issues with our products. To do that, we have to know that an issue exists in the first place! You will find support links below for our Website, Discord, and PDF Documentation. Thanks for your support!

DEVELOPER TERMS OF USE 1 This package must be obtained from an official download source by the end-user (Here on Marketplace, at flightsim.to, or at emeraldscenerydesign.com). Please refrain from packaging it with your add-on or de-compiling it to include partial files for any reason, as it can result in outdated, broken, or conflicting add-ons.

2 Please credit Emerald Scenery Design in your description/documentation by either providing a direct link to the libraries on our site or the URL of our homepage (emeraldscenerydesign.com).

Be aware that objects may be updated or (in worse case scenario) removed altogether. We try to do this as seamless as possible, often replacing objects instead of removing them. No such notification of these changes will be published other than in the release changelog, so please give it a quick read after each update!

LOCATING LIBRARIES Libraries can be found in the scenery editor under Scenery, SimObjects, WorldScripts, and Materials by searching:

❖ "ESD_AC" (Aircraft) ❖ "ESD_Anm" (Animals) ❖ "ESD_Bld" (Buildings) ❖ "ESD_Clu" (Clutter) ❖ "ESD_Ind" (Industrial) ❖ "ESD_Veg" (Vegetation) ❖ "ESD_Veh" (Vehicles) ❖ "ESD_Env" (Environmental)

DYNAMIC FEATURES Dynamic Features are found under SimObjects and WorldScripts. Please see the documentation for more information!