France Obstacles and VFR Landmarks



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VFR - France Obstacles and Landmarks is a scenic addon for Microsoft® Flight Simulator® that covers the whole of France and enriches the French landscape with over 500,000 objects, including nearly every obstacle registered by the French Aeronautical Information Service (SIA), which have been cataloged and georeferenced.

More than 4,000 obstacles registered by the SIA, including: 1,000 radio and broadcasting antennas, and telecommunication towers 1,000 microwave and telecommunication links 200 water cooling towers, industrial smokestacks and flares 1,500 elevated water tanks 130 marine beacons churches large bridges and viaducts every nuclear and thermal power plant in France

Details for these obstacles and landmarks include: 350,000 power transmission towers with sign posting near airports, and representing every high-voltage and extra-high voltage transmission network in the country 3,000 high-voltage transformer stations 8,500 wind turbines 65,000 churches, cathedrals, basilicas, chapels and other religious buildings 55,000 agricultural greenhouses 11,000 elevated water tanks 16,000 agricultural storage tanks 12,000 industrial reservoirs 14,000 antennas 500 aerial lift/ski lift pylons

Current SDK restrictions on MSFS may result in visible artifacts (some distortion). This will be resolved when the ad hoc functions are implemented.

VFR - FRANCE Obstacles and Landmarks was developed using georeference datasets.