Avitar: Valor

Got Friends


4.9/5 (22)

Avitar: Valor adds six World War II characters that you can fly with during your warbird expeditions. Take them into battle whether they be in the co-pilot seat or the pilot seat! These characters are highly detailed to give you a glimpse into the future of our plans to add more Avitars to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Avitars: » Felix Thompson » Max Sterling » Arthur Johnson » Eugene Robinson » Thomas Williams » David Jackson

Avitars can be selected in the GENERAL OPTIONS -> MISC Settings Menu under Pilot / Co-Pilot. Avitars are compatible with any aircraft utilizing Asobo's Character System.

NOTE: Placement of our Avitars are fully dependent on the location of the aircraft's pilot / co-pilot attachment points. These positions are not modified by our add-ons. If an Avitar is clipping through the seat or only available in External View, this is because the aircraft does not have an optimal setup for Asobo Characters. These positions and arm / leg animations are maintained by the respective aircraft developer(s) and we will not be modifying these settings in any aircraft.

If you encounter any issues with Avitar positions and / or animations, we highly encourage you to contact the aircraft developer and notify them that their aircraft is not Asobo Character ready.