3MI2 & 6Y3 Fox Islands



4.4/5 (57)

Take a VFR trip over to Lake Michigan and discover this mysterious destination known for its association with a series of unsolved conspiracies.

Currently uninhabited, you can make North and South Fox islands your North American VFR aircraft hub as you please in the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The package consists of Islands each with its own airfield: North Fox Island (6Y3 featuring a grass strip, and South Fox Island (3MI2) featuring a jet-ready, vacant runway.


  • Dual airport package. A true private island experience on the Great Lakes!
  • Customized coast line coupled with revised shores
  • Corrected default orthoimagery
  • 4K full PBR textures
  • Custom modelled, true-to-life buildings and assets
  • Animated light house
  • Terraformed mesh
  • Revised biomes for a more true-to-area vegetation representation
  • Static G550 parked at the ramp
  • Grass strip on North Fox, challenging with the tree line, and a nice camp ground to rest before taking to the skies again.