El Hierro Aerial Imagery/Scenery

Island Creations


4.1/5 (14)

This add-on replaces the default ground textures on El Hierro with custom high-resolution color-corrected aerial imagery. It also improves the landscape in many ways.

1 Custom Ground Textures

  • realistic manual color correction that brings El Hierro to life
  • sharper image with more visible details (e.g. rock structure)
  • no green tint, especially no green roads and no green sand
  • no clouds visible on the ground
  • no boats appear to be underwater

2 Upgraded Ports

  • added docks and more than 60 hand-placed motorboats, sailboats, yachts, catamarans and ships to all ports
  • added a Fred Olsen Express ferry with night lighting
  • added one cruise ships with night lighting and helipad that you can land on

3 Enhanced Night Lighting

  • added night lighting to all ports and piers
  • hotel areas, pools and sports facilities are now illuminated at night

4 Appropriate Vegetation

  • improved vegetation to match with the aerial imagery (e.g. bushes instead of trees in rocky areas)
  • removed incorrectly placed trees along the coast

5 Other Improvements

  • added the Punta Orchilla Lighthouse with animation
  • removed incorrectly placed buildings on top of fields, pools, sports facilities, etc.

El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are a popular holiday destination in Spain. Visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches, high mountains, volcanos and both forests and desert-like landscapes.