BGU Frankfurt Hospital



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The BG Unfallklinik Frankfurt am Main GmbH is one of the nine professional association clinics in Germany. It is located in the district of Seckbach.

The main tasks of the clinic include the first aid for all medical emergencies, the care of seriously injured patients and the treatment of all types of injuries. The aim is the healing and recovery of patients, especially after work and commuting accidents. In the emergency room, injured patients are treated regardless of the accident location.

The BG Unfallklinik, with its eleven specialist departments and numerous special outpatient clinics, treats more than 10,000 patients and – together with its subsidiaries – around 72,000 outpatients per year. With more than 5000 emergency doctor visits a year, the emergency doctor location of the BG Unfallklinik Frankfurt am Main is one of the largest in the whole of Hesse. The BG accident clinic is the location of the rescue helicopters. Two helipads are provided.Highly skilled helicopters pilots are required.

Enjoy flying the BG Unfallklinik !


(To start from both helipads type the fake ICAO : BGUF)