Aircraft Carriers Global



2.2/5 (635)

Enjoy taking off and landing on aircraft carriers, challenging, fun and different from your normal airport, all of them scattered across the globe. These carriers are real world replicas of aircraft carriers and are positioned in areas near their home port or close to where they sail in real life. The carriers are static and don’t move, don’t currently have a catapult or system to help the aircraft stop on landing, to find or select them to fly to/from them use their dedicated airport code which are: Airport Code: CV71 USS Theodore Roosevelt - real world identifier CVN-71 located South of Oahu island in Hawaii Airport Code: CV72 USS Abraham Lincoln - real world identifier CVN-72 located south of Los Angeles California Airport Code: CV73 USS George Washington - real world identifier CVN-73 located south of New York, New York Airport Code: CV74 USS John C. Stennis - real world identifier CVN-74 located west of San Francisco California Airport Code: CV75 USS Harry S Truman - real world identifier CVN-75 located near Gibraltar in the Mediterranean sea Airport Code: CV76 USS Ronald Reagan - real world identifier CVN-76 located south of Tokyo Japan Airport Code: CV77 USS George H.W. Bush - real world identifier CVN-77 located near Norfolk, Virginia. Airport Code: R08 HMS Queen Elizabeth - real world identifier R08 located near Portsmouth England Airport Code: R09 HMS Prince of Wales - real world identifier R09 located near Plymouth England Airport Code: R91 Charles de Gaulle - real world identifier R91 located near Toulon, France

This package includes:

  • 10 aircraft carriers: 7 US Navy carriers, 2 UK Navy carriers and one French aircraft carrier
  • Static fighter jets
  • Deck workers
  • Night lighting
  • Radar animations
  • 7 aircraft carriers from the US, 2 from the UK and 1 from France
  • Located on 3 different continents of the world, Asia, North America and Europe
  • Great performance