Bacia de Campos Oilfield

Rodrigo Moraes


4.3/5 (6)

The Campos Basin is one of the most important oil-producing regions in Brazil, responsible for more than 80% of the country's production. Since the discovery of the Garoupa field in 1974, the region has been crucial to the Brazilian economy.

My focus during the creation of this scenario was the most faithful recreation possible of the FPSOs in operation in the region. These vessels are true engineering marvels, allowing the extraction, processing and storage of oil directly at sea, sending gas directly to the continent and oil via ships, in an operation called offloading. They are essential for operations in deep waters, where the construction of fixed platforms would be unfeasible. Some submersible platforms and FPSOs portrayed in this scenario operate under ultra-deep wells, in the case of the Lula field it is one of the deepest wells in the region, operating at a depth of around 2,140 meters of water and more than 5,000 meters deep total, including sea soil.

I was in the region for 7 days in February 2024 collecting photos and data to help me recreate the vessels in 3D, and since then I have recreated Drilling Ships, Refining, Drilling and Accommodation Rigs, FPSOs and FSOs, Shuttle Ships, Tankers and Accommodation Ships .

I recreated several Offshore Supply Ships too, in versions with and without helipad.

There are a total of 108 helipads available for landing during the simulation, with 51 landmarks signaling the position of platforms and FPSOs.

The ships were recreated according to their real-world livery or company in February 2024, and their geographic positions are also from that date.


The scenario will undergo possible improvements and enhancements, as well as the inclusion of new FPSOs if they appear in the region in the real world.

The ships present in this scenario are:

FPSO Anita Garibaldi MV33 FPSO Anna Nery FPSO Bravo OSX-3 FPSO Capixaba FPSO Cidade de Anchieta FPSO Cidade de Campos dos Goytacazes MV29 FPSO Cidade de Niteroi MV18 FPSO Cidade de Vitoria FPSO Espirito Santo FPSO Fluminense FPSO Forte Petrobras 50 FPSO Frade FPSO Maersk Peregrino FPSO Petrobras 31 FPSO Petrobras 35 FPSO Petrobras 43 FPSO Petrobras 53 FPSO Petrobras 54 FPSO Petrobras 57 FPSO Petrobras 58 FPSO Petrobras 62 FPSO Petrobras 63 FPSO Petrobras 74 FSO Cidade de Macaé MV15 Drill Ship Amaralina Star Drill Ship Deepwater Corcovado Drill Ship Deepwater Orion Drill Ship Laguna Star Drill Ship Norbe IX Drill Ship ODN-1 Drill Ship ODN-2 Drill Ship Petrobras 10000 Drill Ship Valaris DS-8 Platform Alpha Star Platform Bassdrill Beta Platform Gold Star Platform Lone Star Platform Norbe VI Platform OOS Tiradentes Platform Ocean Courage Platform Petrobras 20 Platform Petrobras 26 Platform Petrobras 40 Platform Petrobras 51 Platform Petrobras 52 Platform Petrobras 55 Platform Petrobras 61 Platform Petrobras 65 Platform Safe Notos Platform West Capricorn Venus Accomodation Ship

It is important to say that this scenario does not cause conflicts with any world traffic add-ons you have, but it does add static ships in the Campos Basin region, so if there is third-party traffic coming into the region, this is not within my control.

The platforms were added as landmarks, so to get to them you need to mark your point of interest (POI) destination on the GPS. It is not possible to start the game directly on the stage's helipads, but only by flying over them.

If you notice any problems, incompatibilities, ships not appearing, or effects, please contact me via email for support, or via my website