Directory of Hydrography and Navigation

Rodrigo Moraes


5/5 (3)

Today we have the opportunity to visit the helipad of the Hydrography and Navigation Department of the Brazilian Navy, in the region known as Ponta da Armação, in the city of Niterói, Brazil.

The Helipad was recreated maintaining the historical context of the region, as the headquarters of the DHN belongs to an architectural heritage built between the years 1644 and 1666, in the midst of Colonial Brazil.

It is in this museum that many treasures are kept, such as models, photos, documents, among others, referring to the historical saga of Brazilian Hydrography, including the evolution of Nautical Cartography, Oceanography, Meteorology, Navigation Safety, Nautical Signaling and Scientific Research in Antarctica.

Through this local landmark, you can start the game with any helicopter of your choice, or any watercraft. There are starting points for large ships or small boats.