City Update VIII: Las Vegas



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City Update VIII showcases the striking character of Las Vegas, one of the world’s most distinctive cities. Las Vegas (“the meadows” in Spanish) traces its name to a Mexican explorer who passed through the area in 1829 and found dense grasslands fed by freshwater springs. The city was founded on May 15, 1905 and grew steadily in the following two decades. Its population boomed with Nevada’s 1931 legalization of casino gambling and the start of construction of the nearby Hoover Dam.

Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert of southern Nevada, surrounded by roughhewn peaks that shimmer in afternoon sunlight. Unofficially known as “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” a key component of the city’s allure is its wide range of architecture. This includes The Strat, a complex comprising a 1,149-foot-tall observation tower. Another famous location in Las Vegas is the pyramid-shaped Luxor, out of the top of which shines The Luxor Sky Beam, the brightest human-made light in the world. The Las Vegas Strip, a stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard in the heart of the city, comes alive with color from dusk until dawn.

City Update VIII brings Las Vegas and its myriad facets alive like never before in the Microsoft Flight Simulator world. With this latest offering, Flight Simulator pilots can enjoy the sights of Las Vegas rendered in eye-popping resolution. The update fuses the latest high-resolution aerial imagery, digital elevation model data, and TIN (triangulated irregular network) surface texturing to render the sights of the update.

City Update VIII: Las Vegas is available FREE to all owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Ensure that your simulator is running version (or a more recent version), download City Update VIII, and then take-off in your favorite airplane and enjoy the incredible sights of Las Vegas!