CH47D British Bundle

Miltech Simulations


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The CH47D British Bundle contains:

  • Miltech Simulations CH47D Tandem-Rotor Heavy Lift helicopter, with two RAF Liveries
  • Scenery Package including RAF Odiham EGVO, Brayant Airfield (Alaska), Chabelley Airfield (Djibouti), and two Fictional desert military outpost (US01 and US02) (also Included with CH47D)
  • UK Carrier Strike Group Aircraft Carriers (Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales)
  • Several missions, including firefighting in London and carrying loads and troops to nearby carriers.
  • 6 External sling loads to chose from and to carry with the CH47D

Miltech Simulations CH47D is the result of over a year of research and development into the capabilities of helicopters in MSFS. The result is a comprehensive rendition of the Mighty Wokka, featuring a beautifully modeled Helicopter, with detailed and realistic wear and tear throughout. A detailed cargo bay is also modeled, with five different loads to choose from (including Troops, Medvacs, Pallets, etc.). Sling loading is supported (in both Tandem and Single-sling condigurations) including Rhibs, Humvees and even Helicopter Fuselages.

The aircraft features a tailored flight model that accurately represents the maneuverability and capacities of a Tandem Rotor Configuration. Additionally, a comprehensive sound park has been developed from in-person recordings, and captures all the different iconic sounds of the Blade Slap, Transmission Whines and APU accurately.

A total of 16 liveries are included, from RAF, US Army, Luftwaffe, Spanish Ejercito, RCAF, etc. Several missions are also included, from humanitarian missions to military exercises.

The Carrier Strike Group of the United Kingdom typically consists of a Queen-Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier, two Type 23 Frigates and two Type 45 Destroyets, along with a fleet of F35Bs, Wildcats, CH47s and Merlin helicopters. The Queen Elizabeth Class has been represented in a high level of fidelity, including both HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales ships. Both feature the famous "Sky-Jump Ramps" and fully compatible with any MSFS Aircraft.

A total of 10 static locations are included, all identifiable by ICAO Codes and spawnable on Deck:

  • R081 Portsmouth
  • R082 Halifax
  • R083 New York
  • R084 Cyprus
  • R085 North Sea
  • R091 Northern Scotland
  • R092 Gibraltar
  • R093 Brunei
  • R094 East Africa (by Kenya)
  • R095 Caribbean (by the Virgin Islands)

Additionally, 7 moving locations are also included, identifiable by WorldMap POI Landmarks.

  • Irish Sea
  • Scotland
  • Falkland Islands
  • Australia
  • Baltic Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • USA Pacific Coast

Important Remarks:

  • Carrier Unicom Frequency: 120.00, Carrier TACAN Frequency: 108.40 (21X)
  • Carriers do not feature ILS
  • Pause does not work on the deck of a moving ship. Do not pause the Sim while on the deck.