Flow Essentials - Menu Wheel



4.1/5 (175)

Flow brings a highly intuitive and easy-to-navigate in-game interaction wheel into flight simulation.

Our revolutionary menu system challenges the status quo and offers a new and improved way of accessing and interacting with information. Navigating a row of ever-growing control panels in a single toolbar can be cumbersome. 42 is the answer; goodbye toolbar, hello Flow!

Essentials includes a collection of custom widgets built by //42. Find your friends, teleport, change servers, fine-tune the time of day, instantly swap weather presets, discover tucked-away camera angles, toggle landing gear, and more. We've also bundled widgets for all the most popular actions you'd want, so you don't have to write them.

Core Features

  • Fully resizable interface elements built for individuals with vision impairment and cognitive or motor difficulties to a spec beyond the default toolbar.
  • Access your currently installed MSFS panels, default or 3rd party.
  • Works in-sim without external app requirements.
  • No measurable performance impact.
  • Sleek & intuitive interaction wheel alternative to the default toolbar.
  • Customizable wheel layouts, arrange panels to your needs.
  • Wheel show/hide can be bound to any assignable key/button.
  • Static & Dynamic wheels. Static always show, and Dynamic show only in a specific aircraft.
  • Xbox controller optimized.

Easy Access

  • Have the wheel appear where your mouse is located, or always centered on-screen. Bind a button or key for quick access to the wheel.

It's your Flow

  • Add, remove, and rearrange widgets to your liking. You can even create additional pages and scroll thru them in-sim.
  • With Flow, you can create your own menu system and prioritize the items most matter to you.

Aircraft Specific

  • Dynamic wheels are blue and customizable per aircraft, allowing you to select the specific tools you need based on your current flying style.
  • For example, you could have IFR tools in a PMDG 737 wheel and VFR tools in a //42 Fox2 wheel.

Wanna keep the default toolbar?

  • No Problem. The default toolbar can be enabled/disabled from the Flow settings.
  • We even make it prettier for you by removing the white triangle.

Custom Nameplates

  • Customize the appearance of multiplayer titles.
  • Our game-changing approach automatically adjusts between day/night cycles to maximize visibility
  • Choose between showing nameplates for everyone or only friends.
  • Personalize letter style, size, color, and even show/hide additional flight data such as aircraft type and location.

Portal Panel

  • Find friends online within the sim and teleport to them.
  • Favorite airports to quickly browse conditions on the ground.

Cameras Panel

  • A quick switcher panel to expose camera angles you may never know you had.

Time Panel

  • Fine-tune time with a live adjust slider. You could also choose to lock the time for that perfect forever sunset.

Weather Panel

  • Visualize winds or search and swap weather profiles instantly.

Position Panel

  • View your current aircraft position on a moving map, along with any traffic in your airspace and your nearest airport at a glance.