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Athens is a major coastal urban area in the Mediterranean and is both the capital and largest city of Greece. With its surrounding urban area population numbering over three million, it is also the seventh largest urban area in the European Union.

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Athens National Historical Museum Acropolis Museum Agora Romaine Achilleos Church Hadrian's Library Olympic Stadium Olympion Peace and Friendship Stadium Tzizaradis Mosquee Fethiye Mosquee Temple of Hephaestus Panathenaic Stadium Megaron Concert Hall Athens Cathedral Athens Tower 1 Athens Tower 2 Karaiskaki Stadium Piraeus Tower Apollo Tower Zappéion President Hotel OTE Building Atrina Center Hilton Athens Hellenic Parliament Gate of Athena Archegetis Stoa d'Attale Athens National Observatory Athens Archeological Museum Olympic Velodrome Faliro Sports Pavilion Arena Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center Piraeus Port of Athens Ekthesiako Kentro Vasiliades Graving Dock AgiosNikolaosChurch ApostoliChurch Academy of Athens University of Athens Athens National Library

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