Enhanced Photogrammetry

Project Coastline


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Introducing Enhanced Photogrammetry: Elevating Your Microsoft Flight Simulator Experience

Embark on a journey to enhance your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience with Enhanced Photogrammetry. The goal is to address the imperfections in the game and reveal the hidden beauty that lies beneath the surface.

What Enhanced Photogrammetry brings to your MSFS experience:

Unveiling Hidden Beauty: Say farewell to submerged bridges, marinas, and beaches. All structures and objects along the water's edge, have been meticulously exposed, including marinas and stunning bridges.

Clearing Waterways: No more ships and docks disappearing underwater. Our add-on ensures that you can see them clearly, making your flights and explorations in the game more realistic.

Enhancing Visuals: We've cleaned up bridges and ships by removing excess vegetation that used to obscure their appearance, and removed water from small canals.

A couple of things we haven't tackled yet:

Private Piers and Italy: We're aware that private piers along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the US still need attention. And Italy isn't included in this update because the "Italian Coastline" add-on has already addressed it. We're actively working on a solution for both.

Prepare to take your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience to new heights with Enhanced Photogrammetry. Stay tuned for its release and get ready for fantastic flights and adventures!