Boston and Cape Cod Canal Bridges and Water Fixes



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This package includes original models of bridges in Boston and on the Cape Cod Canal, Massachusetts, USA. It also fixes water, vegetation, and bridge issues on the harbor, rivers and marshes around Boston. The area covered is shown in one of the photos.

Around Boston Harbor adjacent to KBOS are high quality accurate models of:     The Tobin Bridge     The Andrew McArdle Bridge     The Chelsea St Bridge Dock Cranes on the approach to runway 4

The water and vegetation fixes are for about 6 miles around Logan Airport KBOS. The areas included are Boston Harbor, the Charles River to the west of Logan, the Rumney Marshes to the Saugus River to the north of Logan, and south to Quincy and the Neponset River.

On Cape Cod Canal the bridges are:     The Sagamore Bridge     The Bourne Bridge     The Cape Cod Canal Rail Lift Bridge which is completely missing from the MSFS default.