England Wales Coastal Bridges



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This is a package of 41 modeled bridges replacing the defaults. It also reveals boats in marinas and shipyards along about 2000 miles of coast line and removes trees from surf, cliffs, and coastal marshes. The MSFS scenery is a vast improvement over previous flight sims. However bridges over large waterways, rivers or other bodies of water are very noticeable and are an eyesore destroying realism. Rkbridger packages solve that issue with bridge packages which show the bridges in their true magnificence and also improves the entire landscape along the stretch of water modeled. All bridges are modeled in the correct architectural style with appropriate night lighting. England and Wales have a great mix of interesting bridges, from Victorian era ornate and complex to modern minimalist. Newport shows the variety of bridges modeled, including one of the world’s 6 remaining Transporter bridges, along with a modern arch, a suspension bridge and a sculpture bridge. A default photo has been included to compare with the Rkbridger product. POIs have been placed at the bridges which are listed below with the number of bridges at those locations. Typically when there are more than one bridge at a location the bridges were built at different times with different styles or sizes. Photogrammetry must be ON to ensure bridges integrate correctly with the sim.

Models replacing default bridges are listed below: Royal Border Bridge : Designed by Robert Stephenson Berwick on Tweed Bridges (2) Wearmouth Bridges (2) Wansbeck Estuary Bridge Whitby River Esk Bridge Larpool Viaduct Breydon Bridge, Great Yarmouth. QE II Bridge, Dartmouth Crossing Millennium Bridge, Portsmouth Itchen Bridge, Southampton River Exe M5 Bridge, Exeter Shaldon Bridge, Teignmouth Laira Bridges (2), Plymouth Royal Albert Bridge, Plymouth : Designed by Brunel Tamar Bridge, Plymouth Coombe Viaduct, Plymouth Torridge Bridge, Northam Prince of Wales Bridge, Severn River Severn Bridge, Severn River Wye Bridge, connects to Severn Bridge Newport Transporter Bridge City Bridge Newport George St Bridge, Newport Newport City Footbridge Newport Bridge Newport Rail Bridge Cardiff Bay Link Rd Bridge River Neath Bridges (2) Swansea Sail Bridge Cleddau Bridge Barmouth Bridge Pont Briwet Britannia Bridge, Menai Strait : Designed by Robert Stephenson Menai Suspension Bridge : Designed by Telford Runcorn Rail Bridge, Mersey River Silver Jubilee Bridge, Mersey River Mersey Gateway Bridge