Florida North Coast Bridges



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Bridges in MSFS2020 are one of the biggest immersion breakers when flying VFR or into an airport with significant bridges nearby. MSFS2020 has fantastic sim scenery but the default bridges with their high visibilty due to their size and their location over large expanses of water ruin the effect and immersion. These rkbridger packages solve that problem with high quality accurate models that show the bridges in their true magnificence. This is a package of 21 handcrafted bridge models replacing the default bridges, or missing and underwater bridges. The area covered is along the Florida north coast from Pensacola to Ochlockonee Bay just south of the State Capitol, Tallahassee. Bridges have night lighting where appropriate and the traffic flows on the bridges. Military Airports nearby are the bases at Pensacola KPNA, Tyndall KPAM and Eglin KVPS. The main civilian airports are Pesacola Int. KPNS, Destin Fort Walton Beach KVPS, Apalachicola KAAF, and Tallahassee KTLH. POIs have been placed at the bridges which are listed below. Photogrammetry must be ON to ensure bridges integrate correctly with the sim.

Bridges modeled are: Ochlockonee Bay Bridge Carrabelle Bridge Bryant Patton Bridge John Gorie Bridge George Tapper Bridge DuPont Bridge Hathaway Bridge Mid Bay Toll Bridge Choctawhatchee Bay Causeway Marler Bridge Destin Bridge Okaloosa Island Bridge Cinco Bayou Bridge Navarre Beach Bridge Shalimar Bridge Garcon Pt Bridge Pensacola Bay Bridge Sikes Fishing Pier Pensacola Beach Toll Bridge Escambia Bay Bridge Escambia Bay Rail Bridge