Chongqing Magic City 8D + ZUCK Jiangbei Airport



4.3/5 (108)

Chongqing, a well known as "8D magic city", is an economically important municipality in West of China, with population of over 8.5 million in the city center. Chongqing is also the launching point for scenic boat trips down the Yangtze River through the Three Gorges Dam.This scenery focus on the Chongqing city center also includes a bonus simple design airport scenery: Jiangbei Internatinal Airport (ZUCK).

Features: 1.over 300 custom iconic buildings and apartments 2 many 3D models of buildings, apartments, hotels, banks, landmarks 3 Chongqing major bridges with night effects 4 all buildings with PBR material 5 beautiful night effects of all the buildings 6 animated moving cable cars and railway which are the famous spots in Chongqing 7 bonus: a medium design of ZUCK airport with terminal 1,2,3A 8 ZUCK airport terminal 3A includes simple interior design

ZUCK ILS info: RWY03 IQT 108.5 RWY21 ICO 110.5 RWY02R IJC 108.9 RWY20L IMW 110.1 RWY02L IWX 109.7 RWY20R IOS 108.1