China Guangzhou ZGGG



4.2/5 (48)

Guangzhou is a large city of China located on the Pearl River about 120 km (75 mi) north-northwest of Hong Kong and 145 km (90 mi) north of Macau. This scenery focus on the Guangzhou city center also includes a bonus simple design airport scenery: Guangzhou Baiyun Internatinal Airport (ZGGG)

Scenery Features

  1. over 400 custom iconic buildings and apartments
  2. many 3D models of buildings, apartments, hotels, banks, landmarks
  3. Guangzhou city tower with night effects
  4. all buildings with PBR material
  5. beautiful night effects of most buildings
  6. bonus: simple design of ZGGG airport with terminal 1,2
  7. ZGGG airport with surrounding custom buildings

ZGGG Info There are three runways operating at Baiyun airport, which are 01/19, 02L/20R, 02R/20L ILS freq. Rwy01: 109.3 IOO ILS freq. Rwy19: 111.5 IPP ILS freq. Rwy02L: 110.35 IBB ILS freq. Rwy20R: 110.75 IAA ILS freq. Rwy02R: 108.5 IDM ILS freq. Rwy20L: 111.9 IXL