Japan City Nagoya



4/5 (15)

A re-design of city area according to geographical position of objects. We bring out the best of MSFS in build photogrammetry around the city area, by fixing textures, structure, bridges, shores and added back many missing buildings and features. The main objective of this scenery is to show Japan Nagoya city at its best, with addition of feature buildings to further enhance the simulation experience.

Features 1 over 300 handcrafted iconic building models in Nagoya city centre 2 custom handcrafted bridge models 3 handcrafted Nagoya castle and landmarks 4 beautiful night effects 5 many building rooftops are landable helipads 6 compatible with other developer airport addons 7 Bonus: recreation of Shirakawa village with its heliport (Terao Disaster Prevention Grounds)

How to use helicopter to do sightseeing to the Nagoya city and Shirakawa 1 search Nagoya City to start a flight with your helicopter 2 search TDPG (Terao Disaster Prevention Grounds) as ICAO to start a flight with your helicopter