China Wuhan ZHHH



4.6/5 (29)

Located in the heartland of China, Wuhan is a large city of 10.76 million inhabitants and the capital of Hubei province. Famous for its 3,500 years of cultural history, it is capital and major industrial and commercial city of Hubei sheng. This scenery also includes a medium-design airport TianHe ZHHH.

Scenery Features

  1. Over 500 custom iconic buildings and apartments
  2. Many 3D models of buildings, apartments, hotels, banks, landmarks
  3. Yellow Crane Tower with night effects
  4. All buildings with PBR material
  5. Beautiful night effects of most buildings
  6. Bonus: medium design of ZHHH airport with terminal 1,2
  7. ZHHH airport with animated jetway

ILS freq. Rwy04R: 111.5 IWF ILS freq. Rwy22L: 111.1 IUT ILS freq. Rwy04L: 109.30 IHN ILS freq. Rwy22R: 108.50 ITS