Everest Helipads

South Oak Co


4.6/5 (20)

SOUTHOAKCO, in partnership with KUMARI SCENERY DEVELOPMENT, presents Everest Helipads.

The Everest Helipads Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator offers a thrilling and realistic flying experience in one of the world's most iconic and challenging landscapes. Get ready to push your piloting skills to the limit as you navigate through the breathtaking Himalayas and attempt to conquer the trickiest helipads in the region.

Stunning Landscape: Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayan mountains. This scenery showcases the breathtaking peaks, deep valleys, and rugged terrain that makes the Everest region a true wonder of the world.

Authentic Helipads: Test your piloting skills with a collection of meticulously placed and highly challenging helipads. Designed to mirror real-world landing scenarios, each helipad presents a unique set of obstacles and demands precise maneuvering for a successful landing.

Realistic Terrain: This scenery accurately represents the topography of the Everest region, including steep mountain slopes, deep crevasses, and jagged ridgelines. Every detail has been carefully designed to provide an immersive and lifelike environment.

The helipads in this scenery are particularly tricky and require precise maneuvering and expert piloting skills to land safely. Countless hours have been spent perfecting their placement and designing the surrounding terrain to ensure that players will have an authentic and exciting experience.

This scenery includes:

Lukla hospital helipad- LUKHH Kongde- VNKND Namche helipad- VNNMC (2 helipads) Tengboche helipads- VNTG (2 helipads) Pangboche Helipads- VNPAH (2 helipads, helipad 1 is located at the upper village) Amadablam base camp- VNAMA Pheriche- VNPC Gorak Shep- VNGSS Kala patthar(everest viewpoint ground)- VNKLP Everest hotel helipad- VNEW Everest Base Camp helipad- VNEBC

Compatible with Orbx Himalayan Mesh