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Instructions for using Microsoft Flight Simulator Changsha City Scenery

Version: 2.0.0


Thank you very much for supporting my second work --- Microsoft Flight Simulator Changsha City Scenery This is my first attempt to make a city scenery. I added landmarks in Changsha and modified the overall urban landscape of Changsha. I deleted some flat buildings generated by AI and added building models manually. At the same time, the night scene of the city has been enhanced. Since the author is not from Changsha, most of the production of urban landscapes draws on satellite maps and panoramic street views. Please forgive me for some places that are not fully restored. At the same time, please understand that this scenery is different from real life, and it is impractical to modify the entire city and add artificial modeling. This will not only be a huge workload, but will also cause the game to freeze and lead to a substantial increase in the size of the scenery package. Therefore, there will be differences between the buildings in the scenery and the reality. If you're trying to find your home in the landscape, it's probably difficult to do so, sorry. In addition, I recommend that you cooperate with the Changsha Huanghua International Airport Landscape (ZGHA) I made, and you have obtained a better experience. You can find the purchase address of this scenery on Simmarket.

The scenery content mainly includes: Some of Changsha's landmarks include:

Changsha International Financial Center (IFS) Changsha Shimao Global Financial Center (GFC) Changsha Greenland Center Meixi Lake Cultural Center Juzizhou(Orange Island) Bridge The statue of the great man at the head of Juzizhou(Orange Island) Yinpenling Bridge Fuyuan road Bridge Martyrs Park Monument Etc... Enhanced night view in some areas of Changsha urban area Building Adjustment and Replacement in Parts of Changsha Urban Area